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AGE 25
CHARACTER Peter Vincent
CANON Fright Night (2011)
CANONPOINT End of film.
PB David Tennant

AGE | BIRTHDATE 40 (April 18, 1971)
PREV. RESIDENCES NYC. London, UK. Rochester, UK.
OCCUPATION Stage Illusionist. Supernatural expert, specialty: Vampires, Kabbalah
LANGUAGE English, Spanish, some French. Scraps of various dead languages
VOICE London accent, very vocal and very musical. Mixed American and British dialect.
QUIRKS Foulmouth. Frequently tipsy. Eyeliner & black nail varnish kind of guy. Very tactile. Insomniac/Night Owl. Sleeptalker. No modesty.


Charley Brewster
Midlife Crisis, best friend, kick in the pants

Late girlfriend, costar, head bitch in charge

Amy Peterson
Friend, Charley's girlfriend.

Jane Brewster
Friend, Charley's mom.

Jerry Dandridge
Tormentor. Evil monster that killed Peter's family


Saint Michael's Stake
"Blessed by Saint Michael. You kill your vampire with this, it's supposed to change his victims back." [ ]


No innate magical abilities, but:

  • Knowledge World renowned expertise on the supernatural, unmatched in vampire lore and Kabbalah.
  • Spellcasting Doesn't generally practice magic, but knowledgeable enough to perform spells.
  • Magical inventory Has a vast collection of supernatural objects, tools, and weapons.


Professional Illusionist:

  • Ambidextrous; Variety of dexterity-based skills - prestidigitation, contact juggling, pocket-picking, and other sleight-of-hand.
  • Large and small scale illusions and magic tricks for the stage or streets, some special effects tech
  • General theater skills - tech, acting, dance, singing (though the last is not his forte)
  • Lock picking and other escapology; knife throwing.


At a young age, Peter watched his family murdered by a vampire. This was extremely traumatizing and painful and set the course for the rest of his life. When no one else believed him, Peter devoted himself to learning as much as he could about the occult and supernatural. He was more interested in magic and monsters than school, and didn't fit in well with his peers, eventually falling into the rougher crowds of other troubled, rebellious teens. Once he was old enough, he left his native England for New York City to pursue his career in his first real love - stage magic. He worked odd jobs at bars and libraries and theaters while trying to gain exposure as a magician. He also kept on with his study of supernatural lore and collecting occult paraphernalia. Using that as a background, his magic shows often centered around everything dark and spooky.

Peter worked his way up the ranks until he was a household name as both a great illusionist and as the world's leading expert on vampires. While his career was taking off, his personal life was always a wreck of alcohol, promiscuity, and other unhealthy, maladjusted behaviors. He had a hard time letting people in close and while he was rarely short of company, he had few meaningful relationships of any kind. Peter really hit his peak in his 30s with his show Vampyric, which toured worldwide. At the end of that show's run, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino offered him a place headlining for them in Las Vegas, complete with his own penthouse suite. He took the offer and designed a new show he called Fright Night.

A few months into his new show, a kid named Charley Brewster bluffed his way into a dress rehearsal and then Peter's penthouse, pretending to be a reporter. Peter humored him until Charley started talking about a vampire called Jerry that had moved in next door to him. Charley even had pictures from inside his lair, and he wanted Peter's help dealing with the monster. That was more than enough for Peter, and he threw Charley out. However, he couldn't get the kid out of his head, his sincerity, his desperation. Peter remembered feeling like that, pleading for someone to believe him, to help him. Finally he took a look at the pictures that Charley had left behind, and realized that he recognized something from the vamp nest. He called Charley and told him to come meet him.

Charley and his girlfriend Amy showed up, and Peter told him a little about the vampire that was hunting them, and that there was no way they could fight it on their own. They were attacked by one of the vampire's fledglings - Charley's friend Ed - when Peter accidentally allowed him in. Ed killed Peter's girlfriend Ginger and invited Jerry in, and a terrified Peter locked himself in his panic room. Charley and Amy fought back, killing Ed and running away with Jerry hot on their heels. Peter stayed in hiding until he was sure the coast was clear, then started packing, intent on getting as far away as possible.

Charley returned right as Peter was about to bail, telling him that Jerry had taken Amy and that he was going to finish this. Peter scoffed and told Charley that if he wanted to be a dead hero, fine, but to leave him out of it. Charley was disgusted with Peter's cowardice and told him he'd rather die than be like Peter. Chastened, but still too afraid to act himself, Peter gave Charley a stake blessed by St. Michael. According to the lore, if Charley killed the vampire with it, all his victims would turn human again. He also suggested Charley fight him with fire. Charley took the stake and Peter's suggestion and left.

Once more, Peter couldn't get Charley's words out of his head, even as he made his way towards the airport while drinking himself stupid. Peter finally swallowed enough of his fear (and enough alcohol) to gear up and follow Charley to the lair. He ran into Charley inside the house the monster had set up in, and together, they made their way down into the nest. The vampire was waiting for them, and they were quickly separated. Charley was locked in with Amy, who had been turned. Peter however ended up facing Jerry himself... and realizing that it was the same vampire who had killed his family.

Peter tried to fight back but was quickly overwhelmed by a dozen fledgling vampires. By the time Charley came in and saved him, he was already turning, and the pair found themselves trapped in a patch of sunlight. As Jerry taunted them, Charley and Peter implemented the final, last ditch plan - Peter lit Charley on fire, and Charley tackled Jerry. The flames distracted the vampire long enough for Peter to toss Charley the stake and for him to drive it into the vampire's heart. Jerry was killed and all of the fledgling vampires, Amy and Peter included, reverted back to human.

Peter had faced the monster that took his family away and ruined his life, and he had found real friends, ones he could trust. Since Jerry had blown up their house, Peter offered to let Charley and his mom stay with him for a while as they found a new house. Peter felt especially grateful to Charley, for not taking his bullshit and not letting him get away with letting himself be ruled by his fears, and for saving him in more ways than Peter could count.


Peter is a study in contradictions. To someone who doesn't know him, he may seem irrational, but there's a lot going on in his head all the time. There is something almost fragile about him at times; though he will fight hard not to let it show, he's not good at hiding his emotions, and he is a very emotional creature. The side of him that the average person gets to see most is the devil-may-care party boy - he's shallow, spoiled, promiscuous, and doesn't really care if he offends people with crude speech and behavior. He's very mercurial, friendly and relaxed one moment, then closed off and defensive the next. Peter exhibits a lot of self-destructive behavior. He is a mostly functioning alcoholic, a slow steady drinker as opposed to a binge drinker... though some nights are worse than others. He's also a smoker, and occasionally abuses other drugs. He struggles with occasional insomnia and doesn’t eat as much as he should. He's foul-mouthed and has a very raunchy sense of humor, often making vulgar innuendos. His flirting isn't all talk though, and he isn't that picky about his sexual partners and is happy to try just about anything at least once.

When it comes to his career, he is a complete diva and control freak. He loves making his shows melodramatic and over the top, with extravagant gothic costumes, sets, and music. He loves it all. His magic is his baby, even though he fully acknowledges that it’s all a load of bullshit. He finds it comforting, a whimsical fantasy that he can slip into where he has a sense of control - something that has eluded him in real life for ages. He’s also a lot more intelligent than he lets on at first - while he struggled in school and never went to university, it was due to lack of interest than lack of intelligence. In truth, he lives up to the hype about his expertise in the occult. Most of his knowledge was self-taught and he has an excellent library of manuscripts and texts both ancient and current. He is meticulously organized and well read; he even speaks scraps of various, sometimes dead languages due to his travels and studies.

Despite tending to be a friendly and very social creature, Peter conceals a great deal of loneliness and discontent with himself, and has a hard time forming healthy relationships. He tries very hard to avoid attachments because he is terrified of being hurt. He hates being alone, but seeks out solitude when he’s in a very dark state of mind. He's good at pretending not to care, but while he is extremely crass and can seem harsh, Peter is not cruel by nature and truthfully cares very deeply for the people closest to him. He can be very kind and generous when he opens himself up to others, and has a great deal of empathy for people who feel like they are on their own. Once you earn his trust, Peter is exceedingly loyal and a great friend.

His main problem is that he lets his fears rule him, especially his trust issues, difficulty facing his past, and his deep-rooted phobia of vampires. When faced with danger, his first instinct is towards self-preservation. However, with enough alcohol and encouragement, his conscience can get the better of him. Despite every instinct screaming at him to save himself, he can and will fight past his fears to follow his friends into mortal danger. He’ll probably be shaking and whining and hiding behind them the whole way, but he’ll come. Peter is very self-aware of his flaws and is at a point in his life where he has found the motivation to at least attempt to be a better person, to try and face his demons, stand tall and fight. He wants people in his life that he can rely on, and can rely on him in turn. Whether he is strong enough to follow through is up for debate.

  • MIND intelligent, voracious reader, pursues learning, good memory
  • CREATIVITY has an artistic soul and an active imagination (though his tastes are questionable)
  • SEXUALITY Tactile, sensual, and physically affectionate; knowledgeable, open-minded
  • HEART cares very deeply for those he permits close to him.
  • SELF-AWARE recognizes that he has problems. Knows his own truths. Has hidden depths and wants to become better
  • RISES TO A CHALLENGE while deeply flawed, if people care enough to challenge him, he grows as a person and fights to overcome those flaws
  • COWARDICE tends to let his fears rule him. (but he'll man up. Just keeping challenging him!)
  • SELF-PRESERVATION can be self-centered because he tends to put himself first (because no one else ever did)
  • SELF-ESTEEM Doesn't like himself very much.
  • ALCOHOLIC High functioning, slow steady drinker
  • HEALTH Insomnia, smoker, drinker, doesn't eat enough, questionable sexual stamina, some drug abuse
  • ABRASIVE/SELF-ISOLATING Crass, promiscuous, mercurial. Pushes peoples boundaries and in doing so pushes them away (but he's not cruel, and craves genuine affection and care)
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